5 Ways Seniors Can Safe When the Temperatures Rise

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How to Keep Seniors Safe When Temperatures Rise in Douglas CO, CO

The summer heat can be dangerous for seniors when the temperature gets too high. While everyone knows that they should stay hydrated and out of the sun, there are some much more interesting ways to keep seniors safe this season.

1. Use a Sunshade

Vehicles are a serious health risk for seniors since they can heat up in a matter of minutes. In addition to the danger of sitting in a hot car for any length of time, a hot steering wheel or seat could cause burns. Help reduce the chances of an injury by making sure any car they regularly ride in, including yours, theirs, and any in-home caregivers, have a windshield shade.

2. Give Them a Cooling Pillow

Sleeping in a warm house can make insomnia worse, and it is important to help seniors avoid overheating in their sleep. Fortunately, there are several different types of cooling pillows available today that use circulating water to cool your loved one’s head.

3. Fill Their Fridge with Chilly Treats

It is best for seniors to avoid using their stove or oven during the summer months since they add heat to the home. Find out your senior loved one’s favorite cold foods, and plan a cooking day. Pasta salad, homemade ice cream and pudding pops are a few ideas to get you started. Eating cold food will also help lower a senior’s body temperature and prevent heat-related illnesses.

4. Take Them to the Aquarium

Going to visit the aquarium is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy some entertainment. Aquariums are always kept slightly dark and cool, and it is a great way to fit some exercise into the day. If your loved one’s community doesn’t have an aquarium, then a planetarium, museum or theater could all offer similar benefits.

5. Get Wet and Wild

Water balloons and shooters are not just for child’s play. If your loved one wants to be outside in the sun, then arm them with a water-filled activity to help them stay cool. Try filling a water balloon and poke it with a hole. Then, invite your senior loved one to toss it back and forth. As the water spray cools them, they’ll get a kick out of trying not to be the last one holding an empty balloon.

Interested in learning more about how to ensure senior safety this summer? As a leading provider of elder care in Douglas County, we have you covered. Our expertly trained caregivers can assist with transportation needs, provide medication reminders, offer mobility support, and help with a number of daily tasks to promote your loved one’s safety during the hottest months. For more information, call Home Care Assistance at 720-580-5378 and schedule a free consultation today.


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