State of Colorado Responds to Growing Aging Population

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Strategic Planning Group in Colorado

The Colorado Legislature is seeking to appoint a 20-person panel to address the fast-growing senior population within the state. With an estimated one in four adults over the age of 60 in the next 15 years, the panel is being created to study issues that will directly affect the growing aging population, as well as the economic impact on the state of Colorado and is citizens.

The group, also referred to as the Strategic Planning Group on Aging in Colorado, is tentatively scheduled to release plans for how to respond to the growing demographic in November of 2016. As mentioned above, data points will be compiled on the aging population’s impact on state and local budgets and revenues, and the state economy and businesses, in addition to the family and professional caregiving capabilities, demand for support systems and funding for programs designed specifically for the elderly.

Other goals of the Strategic Planning Group on Aging in Colorado include:

  • Improving the long-term quality of services for seniors by the government
  • Ensuring appropriate funding and spending strategies for Medicaid
  • Creating a public education campaign to prepare families for the care of aging loved ones
  • Providing options for seniors for long-term care in Colorado

To ensure the Strategic Planning Group on Aging in Colorado creates a comprehensive action plan that identifies and addresses both the positive and negative impacts of this demographic shift, the panel is to be comprised of reputable and knowledgeable representatives. These include members appointed by the governor, members who represent consumers (individuals from local non-profit organizations, the area agency on aging), actual consumers of services for senior care, support providers (home care and adult day care facilities, skilled nursing care, geriatric health care and mental health care) and members of the department of health, transportation, and executive branches.

As a Colorado home care agency in Douglas County, we support the initiatives of the Strategic Planning on Aging and look forward to a plan that promotes a senior’s freedom of choice – the access and ability to choose how to live out the elder years with the most appropriate support services.

If your family is starting to plan for the long-term care needs of an aging parent or loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out to Home Care Assistance of Douglas County today. We are a local senior care provider offering flexible hourly and live-in care for seniors in Douglas County and the surrounding communities. Our experienced Care Managers are more than happy to answer any of your questions and can also help you schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Call 720-441-3522 for more information.


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