6 Signs Your Senior Loved One Is Stressed

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6 Noticable Signs Your Elderly Loved One Is Stressed in Douglas Co, CO

Due to many obstacles out of their control, seniors often experience extreme amounts of stress. In honor of Stress Awareness Month, a local Douglas County elder care agency recommends caregivers watch for the following six signs of senior stress.

1. Changes in Eating Patterns

If your senior relative suddenly changes his or her eating habits, he or she might be under an enormous amount of stress. When feeling pressured, some people start eating more food while others begin consuming less.

2. Excessive Spending

Spending money excessively is another warning flag of senior stress. This is especially the case if your aging loved one normally spends very little money due to budget constraints. Some people use shopping as a way to avoid the problems they’re facing.

3. Increased Forgetfulness

When under pressure, some elderly people experience memory problems. If your older loved one is stressed, he or she might start encountering difficulty recalling names, directions, or other items that he or she normally remembers easily.

4. Frequent Insomnia

People dealing with stress often suffer from frequent bouts of insomnia. If your aging relative suddenly can’t fall asleep at night, you need to investigate the cause of his or her problem quickly.

5. Mood Swings

Stress causes some elderly people to experience debilitating mood swings. If your older loved one feels pressured, he or she might become:

  • Irritable
  • Depressed
  • Lethargic
  • Isolated

6. Frequent Illnesses

If your senior relative becomes stressed for a long period of time, his or her immune system might suffer. Prolonged stress will make your aging loved one more prone to succumbing to illnesses. Stress can also lengthen the duration of an illness.

If you’re an in-home caregiver for an elderly loved one, you should never ignore the aforementioned signs of stress. If left untreated, this common problem can lead to serious mental and physical repercussions. 

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