7 Older Adults with Inspiring Life Stories

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Seniors with Inspiring Life Stories in Douglas County, CO

Seniors are never too old to live to its fullest. Older adults all over the world are doing incredible things regardless of age. Here are 7 aging adults whose stories are sure to inspire and motivate other seniors.

1. Flo Meiler

By the age of 80, most seniors start to slow down. Not Flo Meiler, the great-grandmother and track and field star. She started training for track and field at age 60, and five years later she tried the pole vault. Meiler currently holds several records in pole vaulting.

Meiler is one of the many seniors who can manage daily activities on their own. However, some seniors may need assistance with chores. Douglas County home care experts are available to provide high-quality care to seniors on an as-needed basis. From assistance with mobility and exercise to providing transportation to the doctor’s office and social events, there are a variety of ways professional caregivers can help your aging loved one continue to live independently.   

2. Diana Nyad

Dreams don’t have an expiration date, which is what Diana Nyad proved when she swam across the Straits of Florida at age 64. Nyad, a longtime swimmer, went from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage in 2013. Her journey took a total of 53 hours. Nyad’s story isn’t just inspirational because she pulled off an incredible feat of athleticism and endurance, but also because she never stopped trying. She first dreamed of swimming from Cuba to Florida 35 years earlier, and she kept trying until she finally made it. On her fifth attempt, her dream was finally realized.

3. Noriko Shinohara

Shinohara’s husband Ushio has been a well-known artist for decades, and she has been toiling away at her art for decades as well. In her fifth decade, her career finally started to take off. She creates striking etchings on gallery walls, and she’s stopped living in her husband’s artistic shadow. The pair was the subject of a popular documentary, Cutie and the Boxer. 

4. Harriett Lake

Harriett Lake is one of Florida’s busiest philanthropists. This nonagenarian gives money to hundreds of local charities, and there are many buildings in Florida with her name stamped on the side. However, Lake doesn’t just rest on her laurels. She loves to collect vintage clothes, and has an entire garage full of priceless garments. Instead of hoarding her collection, she donates thousands of pieces to local medical centers. 

5. Louise Bourgeois

Many artists don’t gain fame until after they’ve passed. Louise Bourgeois was lucky enough to gain popularity while she was still living, though it didn’t happen until she was in her early 70s. The artist created sculptures and paintings throughout her life, but her work caught the attention of the art world during a 1982 MoMA exhibit. Bourgeois went on to become a respected figure in the art world, and she ushered in new generations of female artists. 

If your senior loved one needs assistance pursuing hobbies or aging in the comfort of home, consider hiring a professional caregiver. Douglas County respite care professionals can assist seniors with a wide array of daily tasks, offering family caregivers the chance to focus on other personal responsibilities or take a break to prevent burnout. Whether it’s for a few hours a day or a few days a week, respite care is the perfect solution for family caregivers who are feeling overwhelmed.

6. Frank McCourt

McCourt was an inspiration for all aspiring writers. Over the course of his life, he was a soldier and a teacher. When he retired, he decided to write a memoir chronicling his early challenges, which became the bestselling book Angela’s Ashes.

7. Bernice Bates

Seniors seeking to boost their health and fitness levels should look to Bernice Bates for inspiration. Known as the world’s oldest yoga instructor, Bernice lives by one motto: “I can’t do that—yet.”

Aging in place can present a few unique challenges for older adults. Some only require part-time assistance with exercise or meal preparation, while others are living with serious illnesses and benefit more significantly from receiving live-in care. Douglas County, CO, Home Care Assistance are leaders in the elderly in-home care industry for good reason. We tailor our care plans based on each senior’s individual needs, our caregivers continue to receive updated training in senior care as new developments arise, and we also offer comprehensive care for seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s. If your aging loved one needs assistance with daily tasks, reach out to us at 720-580-5378.


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