Best Medical Alert Devices for Elderly

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Medical Alerts for Elderly Adults

Every year, millions of seniors are injured in falls at home. While some falls may cause minor injury, falls can also result in serious head injuries and hip fractures. Falls are also the most common cause of both nonfatal and fatal injuries in seniors. Along with reducing trip hazards in the home, a medical alert system can provide real safety and peace of mind, helping seniors remain in their home longer by providing a means of immediately summoning medical assistance if no one else is home. Check out the following devices recommended by the Douglas County senior care experts at Home Care Assistance.

Life Alert
Life Alert costs $30 per month for a landline, $40 for cellular service, and $20 per month for GPS mobile service with a minimum 36-month contract and a $95 activation fee. Life Alert is one of the most well-known medical alert systems with several products available today. Along with wristband and necklace help buttons, Life Alert offers emergency help phones. These phones do not require charging and include GPS, allowing seniors to call for help in a medical emergency or a dangerous situation away from home.

Medical Alert
Medical Alert offers services for $30 per month landline, $35 for cellular, and $40 for GPS service. The minimum obligation is only 90 days with no activation fee. One of the most important features of a Medical Alert device is it automatically detects when the wearer falls down by sensing a sudden motion and impact. Upon detecting a fall, the device will call an emergency dispatcher who can check on the wearer and send for emergency services.

Medical Alert offers several styles of devices, including pendants and wristbands that can be activated with one hand, which is especially helpful for stroke survivors. The company’s mobile GPS alert systems are a solution for active seniors, offering medical assistance in case of a fall or medical emergency away from the home. Medical Alert’s GPS devices allow an emergency responder to locate the senior, answer the call, and send emergency response wherever the senior is located.

LifeFone provides waterproof pendants that come with pocket or belt clips for seniors who aren’t comfortable wearing a necklace. LifeFone services can be customized to a senior’s needs, with upgraded pendants that can automatically detect falls and the ability to connect to a cell network or landline. For seniors who have already experienced a fall, those with limited mobility, and those who have hazards in the home like hallways that are difficult to navigate, LifeFone offers optional help buttons that can be affixed to walls near the floor. If the senior falls and isn’t wearing the pendant, pressing one of these buttons will call for help. LifeFone has no activation fees with monthly plans that begin at $24.95 per month.

In addition to a medical alert device, you may consider part-time or live-in home care in Douglas County, CO. A trusted and experienced caregiver can offer mobility support and safety monitoring either around-the-clock or during the most challenging parts of your loved one’s daily routine. Call 720-441-3522 to speak with a Care Manager at Home Care Assistance today and learn more about how our services can help your loved one remain independent and safe in the comfort of home.


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