What Steps Can Seniors Take to Live to 100?

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How Older Adults Can Expand Their Life in Douglas County, CO

According to the U.S. Census, between 1980 and 2010 there was a 65 percent increase in people aged 100 and older. Learning about the lives of some of today’s centenarians may offer some insight into why they have been able to live such long, happy, and healthy lives. The Douglas County, CO, caregivers at Home Care Assistance discuss a few of the possible secrets to becoming a centenarian.

Stay Engaged with the World

Becoming a centenarian requires a comprehensive approach to health, which includes staying happy and motivated. Lili Rudin was born in July of 1912, and she claims dropping out of school and traveling the world is what has kept her healthy. Though many seniors do not have the finances or health to travel extensively, it is important for your elderly loved one to continue setting goals, exploring new cultures, and staying immersed in the world. 

Maintain Independence

Haruo Ito was born on the same day the Titanic sank, and he has experienced quite a few sweeping changes to the world around him. Though he still lives with his only daughter, he believes it is vital to stay as independent as possible in the senior years. He tries to walk down the block to the local senior center every day to share a meal or have some tea with his friends.

Participate in Fun Physical Activity

Exercise doesn’t need to turn into a monotonous daily chore your loved one dreads carrying out. There are many low-impact fitness programs designed specifically for seniors who want to have some fun while they get their heart rates up. Mae Lewis, a centenarian currently residing in Brooklyn, claims she is having more fun than ever learning how to swing dance and do the Macarena with other seniors at her local community center. 

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Family

Born in 1913, Justina Sotomayor currently has 5 children, 16 grandchildren, 53 great-grandchildren, and 28 great-great-grandchildren. She insists her growing family is what continues to give her a reason to stay healthy and productive. With such a large family, Justina enjoys family get-togethers almost every week and has a growing support system to help her with her daily needs.

Some seniors need a little extra encouragement to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Using the proprietary Balanced Care Method (BCM), the caregivers at Home Care Assistance can motivate your loved one to eat well, exercise regularly, socialize more often, and focus on other lifestyle factors that can increase his or her longevity. Learn more about BCM and the high-quality senior care Douglas County families believe in by calling a friendly Care Manager at 720-580-5378 and scheduling a free in-home consultation.


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