How Routine Benefits Seniors with Alzheimer’s

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How Seniors with Alzheimer's Benefit from Building Routines in Douglas Co, CO

Most people providing Alzheimer’s care in Douglas County for an elderly loved one find a daily routine to be essential. Because seniors with Alzheimer find change to be very difficult, having a well-structured daily schedule in place offers several benefits for both the senior and his or her caregiver.

Maintains Function

Whether you’re talking about mental or physical tasks, any activity that is practiced regularly is more likely to be one your elderly relative holds on to. Keeping those with Alzheimer’s involved with their usual daily habits helps them maintain the ability to perform these normal activities. For example, if your loved one can still pick out clothes and get dressed without help, encourage the behavior and don’t offer assistance until absolutely necessary.

Reduces Anxiety

Having a schedule of activities he or she can rely on with few surprises or interruptions can reduce some of the anxiety common among seniors with Alzheimer’s. The repetition is comforting and relieves tension, and staying organized decreases the likelihood of challenging or aggressive behaviors.

Decreases Caregiver Stress

This may seem like a benefit for the caregiver rather than the senior, but seniors experiencing the effects of Alzheimer’s will benefit more from a Douglas County home care professional who is calm and relaxed than one whose nerves are frazzled. Not only does a senior with Alzheimer’s feel more comfortable with a routine, but the caregiver will find it less stressful knowing what needs to be done and when.

Promotes Independence

Knowing exactly what to expect throughout the day and practicing a routine with specific activities at set times helps your loved one maintain as much independence as possible, allowing him or her to feel reassured and confident throughout the day. Knowing he or she can do a certain task each day by him or herself will also help boost your loved one’s self-esteem and ward off feelings of helplessness or uselessness.

As your loved one’s symptoms progress, you might find yourself needing help meeting his or her changing care needs. At Home Care Assistance, our comprehensive Alzheimer’s and dementia care Douglas County families trust can ensure your loved one has the support and safety monitoring necessary to maintain a high quality of life in the comfort of home as the disease progresses. To learn more about our care services, please call 720-580-5378 and speak with a dedicated Care Manager.


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