How Seniors Can Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

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How to Prevent Senior Hearing Loss Due to Excessive Noise in Douglas Co, CO

Excessive noise is the leading cause of hearing loss, and exposure to noise over the years can accelerate the process. For this reason, seniors and their at-home caregivers should implement the following strategies to avoid noise-induced hearing loss.

Avoid Noisy Venues

Although it is important for seniors to get out and enjoy life, there are certain places that are known for having noise that exceeds safe levels. For example, concerts, workshops where power equipment is used, and auto races are often too noisy. As a general rule, any venue that requires shouting to be heard over the noise is too loud. If a senior must attend a noisy venue, then earplugs or noise-canceling headphones should be worn.

Eliminate Background Noise

Often, noise levels increase when multiple sources of sound are present. A television blaring in the background while a spouse vacuums and grandkids squeal in the living room can all add up to dangerous decibel levels. At times, it may be necessary to enforce the need for quiet. Simply turning the television down or off can make a big difference in the amount of noise a senior is exposed to during the day.

Keep Exposure to Noise Brief

It is important to understand that the loudness of a noise is not the only factor affecting hearing loss. Prolonged exposure to noise can also increase the risk of a senior damaging their hearing. One activity that is especially risky for hearing is listening to music using headphones for long periods of time. If your loved one prefers listening to their music player, then it may be better to avoid headphones and keep their music at safe volume.

Get Regular Checkups

One nice thing about hearing loss is that it is often progressive, which means that the remaining hearing can be preserved if it is caught early. Seniors should have their hearing checked as part of their regular exams, and it may be necessary to ask for additional testing should a senior experience signs of hearing trauma such as ringing in their ears. By staying proactive regarding the avoidance of noise, seniors can enjoy many years of hearing their favorite sounds.

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