Best Medication Organizers for Seniors

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Best Organizers for Senior Medications in Douglas, CO

Taking too much medicine, forgetting a dose all together, or ingesting the wrong medicine at the wrong time can have serious consequences. The right medication organizer will ensure your aging parent is on top of his or her medicines and can help caregivers double check that medications are being properly managed. From portable containers to electronic reminders, here are the best medication organizers on the market, presented by Home Care Assistance of Douglas County.

Detachable Weekly Pill Organizer
This organizer has seven interlocking containers that are labeled with each day of the week. Each compartment also has a divider for morning and afternoon doses. Seniors who are often on the go will benefit from having the option to simply carry only the medication they need for that day.

ePill Daily Reminder Box
The small box is a favorite among seniors who value portability, and it allows for all the pills needed during the day to be loaded in multiple spaces. Once it is loaded, an alarm can be set for each dosage time. The vibrating option also allows for a discreet reminder to be sent while in a public setting.

MedCenter Monthly Pill Organizer Alarm
Those who take medication more than twice daily will love the four compartments for each day that allow for pills to be divided into morning, noon, evening and night doses. There are also 31 spaces to place medication, allowing seniors to organize their medicine for the whole month. After a dose is taken, seniors flip the lid from green to red so that they never have to second-guess if they took a dose or not.

MD2 Monthly Pill Dispenser and Reminder System
For elderly who prefer to utilize technology to fully integrate their medication management plan, this system provides smartphone access and a detailed report that is available for both at-home caregivers and doctors to review. The system can distribute up to six doses a day along with a cup for pills. When it is time to take medication, the system sounds an alarm and texts the senior while dispensing the medication.

If medication organizers are helpful but not enough, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our experienced and trusted caregivers can provide medication reminders, pick up prescriptions, and monitor dose. Although we are recognized for our reliable hourly and live-in care, we also offer specialized dementia, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and Parkinson’s home care Douglas County families count on. For more information, call 720-580-5378 today.


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