Why Seniors Should Join a Knitting Club

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The Benefits of Knitting Clubs for Seniors in Douglas Co, CO

Whether your senior family member is a pro with knitting needles or just getting started, joining a knitting club could prove extremely beneficial. Participation in these groups can provide a wealth of both psychological and physiological benefits. In addition to social engagement and the ability to meet new friends, aging adults can experience marked improvements in physical dexterity and cognitive function. Here are just a few other reasons to sign your elderly loved one up, presented by Douglas County Home Care Assistance.

Membership Rules Are Flexible

Although the primary focus of a knitting club is simply getting together to knit, most of these groups are entirely flexible on the types of hobbies that they permit. If your elderly family member enjoys tatting or crocheting, he or she can still bring these projects along. There are generally no restrictions on gender, marital status, or age and thus, anyone can join. Even the level of a participant’s knitting skills is irrelevant, and this means that beginning knitters can take part as well.

Seniors Can Enjoy a Renewed Sense of Purpose

Knitting clubs get together to show off their latest works, plan new projects, and help each other learn new skills. Some clubs even donate their crafts to local charitable organizations. Homemade blankets, scarves and hats can come in handy for both the homeless and other individuals who are down on their luck. Participating in these social groups can give seniors a renewed sense of purpose, which can be especially beneficial for aging adults who are struggling with their sense of self-worth after having left the workforce.

Knitting Is Relaxing

Although the learning process can be a bit challenging, knitting is actually one of the most relaxing activities that seniors can engage in. Once a good rhythm is established, seniors can use their knitting as an effective form of stress relief. Working on a long-term project can also help an elderly person take his or her mind off of anxiety-inducing ideas, problems and events.

Routine Engagement Prevents Senior Isolation

Joining a knitting group is also a great way for seniors to avoid living in isolation. Without a set schedule of activities, many seniors find little reason to leave their homes on a regular basis. The routine social engagement that knitting clubs supply will help seniors maintain the basic social skills that they need for living balanced and happy lives.

New Neural Pathways Develop

One of the most surprising benefits of joining a knitting club is the fact that seniors can preserve and even improve their cognitive functioning. The complex skills and extreme focus that knitting requires helps the brain build new neural pathways. Moreover, the social component of these groups can further bolster and build these newly developed connections for greater brain health overall.

Aside from knitting, there are a number of other ways to help your aging parent or relative maintain health and wellness. At Home Care Assistance, we use a proprietary care program called the Balanced Care Method to promote the physical, emotional, and mental wellness of our elderly clients. To learn more, give us a call at 720-580-5378 and speak with a friendly Care Manager today.


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