What Caregivers Can Do to Prevent Bedsores

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How Caregivers Can Prevent Senior Bedsores in Douglas Co, CO

When seniors are confined to a bed for any period of time, they are at risk of developing bedsores. These sores are uncomfortable, and they can lead to serious complications such as bacterial infections when they become severe. For this reason, bedsore prevention should be an important aspect of any Douglas County home care plan.

Schedule Regular Repositioning

Bedsores are most often caused by continuous pressure on a senior’s delicate skin. Frequent position changes can stop this pressure from occurring on a specific area over a prolonged period of time. As a caregiver, you should plan to reposition the senior’s body every two hours if they are in a bed. For seniors in a wheelchair, aim to move them every 30 minutes.

Provide Leg Support

A senior’s hipbones, buttocks and heels are common sites of bedsores due to the way their body comes in contact with beds. To protect these areas, use a pillow or foam pad to help the senior avoid laying directly on these areas. A cushion can also be placed between the senior’s legs and ankles to prevent skin-to-skin contact that could lead to bedsores.

Provide Assistance for Exercise

Seniors who are bedridden may be unmotivated or physically incapable of exercising alone. Yet, movement is essential for promoting the blood circulation necessary to prevent bedsores. Hourly and live-in caregivers can help encourage blood flow to the skin by helping seniors move their arms and legs throughout the day. When doing so, be careful to avoid causing friction between the seniors skin and the bed dressings. Arm and leg lifts are often recommended forms of exercise for bed sore prevention.

Conduct Regular Sore Checks

Bedsores often go away once the pressure is relieved if they are caught in the earliest stages. Caregivers should check the senior’s body throughout the day for signs of a developing sore. Any red, bruised, flaky or itchy areas should be cause for concern. If these are found, then it is important to immediately reposition the senior and continue monitoring the areas until they have healed.

Providing around-the-clock care for a senior loved one can be challenging. If you could use help meeting his or her care needs, don’t hesitate to call Home Care Assistance at 720-580-5378. Our respite caregivers in Douglas County can provide the relief family caregivers need to unwind and the support seniors need to remain safe and comfortable at home. Reach out today. We are here to help.


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