5 Easy Ways to Boost Senior Energy Levels

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Senior Energy Boosters

Older adults are often unable to find the energy that they need to be actively involved in the things they enjoy like taking walks, playing with their grandchildren and gardening. However, by incorporating a few changes to your loved one’s daily habits may help him or her to find more energy to participate more fully in life.

Check out these five simple ways to boost energy levels for your aging parent or loved one, presented by the Douglas County live-in home care experts at Home Care Assistance.

  1. Enjoy a Healthy Breakfast

    All of the body’s systems slow during the night and regenerate after people consume their first meal of the day. Many people do not feel hungry in the morning, but it is important to eat something healthy, even if it is small, in order to jump start the body’s metabolism.

  2. Eat Plenty of Protein

    Unlike refined sugar that gives a quick boost of energy that is quickly followed by a sudden drop, protein provides a slow release of energy that is steadily used over a course of a few hours. It is readily supplied by meats, dairy products and eggs, and complete sources of protein can be created by combining rice and beans, or nuts and grains.

  3. Add Magnesium to the Diet 

    Magnesium is an important element that works by converting carbohydrates into energy that can be used by the body. It is readily found in whole grains and nuts including almonds, Brazil nuts and walnuts.

  4. Exercise

    Even though it may seem like exercise would make your loved one more tired, taking a walk can help increase energy levels. Studies have shown that people who walked briskly for 10 minutes enjoyed an increase in mood and energy that lasted for about two hours.

  5. Take a Nap

    Taking a nap during the day lasting anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour can help reinvigorate older adults. Sleeping after around 4:00 p.m. is not recommended because it can contribute to nightly insomnia.

To learn more about promoting quality of life for aging parents and loved ones, visit our website at www.douglascountyhomecareassistance.com or reach out to a friendly Care Manager directly at 720-441-3522. Home Care Assistance is a trusted provider of home care in Douglas County, providing highly trained caregivers, flexible hourly and live-in care schedules and 24/7 availability.


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