The Secrets to Healthy Longevity

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Secrets to Longevity

The secrets to living a longer life and enjoying good health in old age may be easier than most people realize. Many individuals believe that their life span is mainly determined by genetics, yet the truth is that genetics only influence longevity by about 25 percent. At Douglas County Home Care Assistance, we help our clients take charge of the other 75 percent, encouraging the formation of smart habits that support healthy longevity. The following are just a few of the areas we emphasize in our revolutionary Balanced Care Method:

Social Connections

Studies have shown that seniors who keep strong social connections with friends and family tend to live longer, healthier lives. A healthy social life has been shown to have as much a positive effect on longevity as keeping a good blood pressure, maintaining a healthy weight, and staying away from alcohol and tobacco. Older individuals who are suffering with major illnesses, but maintain a strong social network live longer than their more isolated counterparts.

If your aging parent or loved one does not have strong social connections with friends or family, consider a service like Douglas County hourly care. With hourly care, a professional and compassionate caregiver can visit your loved one, providing companionship to enhance social connections, while also assisting with household chores and personal care activities to promote maximum safety and comfort.

Dietary Habits

Healthy and balanced diets are a common thread that can be seen in cultures around the world that boast longer life spans in their populations. People in the countries of Japan and Greece tend to eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and fish, and they avoid fats and red meat. Healthy diets for seniors and older adults should be focused around:

  • Whole grains such as wheat, oats and barley
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Fish, especially oily varieties
  • Nuts and olive oil


Adding moderate exercise to a daily regimen can extend the lifespan for females up to five years and close to six years for males. A study conducted on a group of 75-year-old people followed the individuals for 18 years and found that many of the seniors who regularly exercised (and adopted healthy eating habits) lived beyond age 90. The best exercises for seniors were found to be swimming, walking and attending group fitness classes.

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