Making Medical Decisions for a Loved One at End of Life

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Medical Decisions at End of Life

When a family member is at the end of life, there are some very important decisions that need to be made. While this will undoubtedly be an emotional time, having an active role in the decision-making process can ensure the life of your family member is as peaceful as possible in the final days. Home Care Assistance, a trusted provider of in-home care in Douglas County, shares information about making medical decisions at end of life.

Communicate Openly & Honestly

The most important thing to do is to communicate with your loved one and the rest of the family. Your loved one should have a voice about the care given during the final days as much as possible. Talk to your loved one about the coming days and what to expect at the end of life. Write down and document requests so that his or her final wishes are granted. Include as many people as possible in communicating, such as the spouse of the family member, brothers, sisters and other immediate family.

Working with Your Loved One’s Doctor

The doctor is a vital part of the end of life care given to your family member. He or she will be able to share how your loved one’s condition is progressing and what medications may or should be administered to make your family member more comfortable. If there is a great deal of discomfort, the doctor might offer suggestions on how to best provide support and comfort during this period.

Living Will

A living will is a document that can detail what should be done if breathing stops. This legally binding document will let doctors know if resuscitation efforts are to be used or if nothing is to be done to prolong life. Although discussing end of life wishes can be difficult and emotional, asking your loved one about his or her personal choices can take burden from family members, so they are not faced with such a decision without clarity and confidence.

Finding Local Care Services

Professional in-home hospice support from a reputable home care agency in Douglas County can help ensure compassionate and high-quality care is delivered to your loved one with the utmost dignity and respect. Many times, hospice caregivers provide an added level of comfort, companionship and emotional support to the senior care recipient, as well as their families. Their presence can make this difficult time much easier on all those involved.

To learn more about in-home hospice or home care for a senior loved one with a terminal condition, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Douglas County at 720-441-3522. Our professional Douglas County hourly care services are available on an as-needed basis, and we also offer live-in care for around-the-clock monitoring to ensure total comfort for seniors and peace of mind for their families.


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