5 Easter Activities Aging Adults Can Enjoy with their Grandkids

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Easter Activities Seniors Can Enjoy with their Grandkids in Douglas County, CO

Spending time with grandchildren is a way for seniors to share memories and pass down traditions. Easter may be one of the holidays your elderly loved one enjoyed as a child. Encourage him or her to share those memories and traditions with the grandkids this year. Here are a few Easter activities to help your loved one bond with the grandkids and receive the companionship he or she needs.

1. Go on an Easter Egg Hunt 

No Easter celebration is complete without an egg hunt. Even if your senior loved one has limited mobility, he or she can still enjoy watching the grandchildren race to find the hidden eggs. If your loved one isn’t physically capable of spending a long time outdoors, try arranging this fun activity indoors. An Easter egg hunt requires the use of thinking skills, which keeps the brain active and could prevent memory loss. 

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2. Dye Eggs

Seniors and their grandchildren can have a good time decorating the eggs you have purchased, using dyeing kits and stickers. This is a great activity seniors can sit down and do, and it can also keep the grandkids happy, occupied, and engaged. Doing this craft may help your senior loved one reduce stress, and the excitement of the activity may produce endorphins that boost his or her mood immediately. 

3. Bake Easter Treats 

Some children love to help their grandparents out in the kitchen. It is a bonding experience that allows seniors to share old recipes with their grandkids. Your loved one and the grandchildren can make Easter cookies, cupcakes, or other treats. Decorating the sweet treats will be fun, and eating them will be even better. Cooking provides seniors with a sense of independence, and baking the Easter treats can also enhance your loved one’s hand-eye coordination. 

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4. Make an Easter Basket

Your loved one and the grandkids can decorate Easter baskets with different colors, artificial grass, ribbons, toys, candies, and other treats. They can also create a theme for the baskets, based around popular Easter films and characters, then keep the baskets or give them away to a local organization. This is a great way for seniors to teach their grandchildren about giving back to others who are less fortunate. Giving back could provide your senior loved one with a sense of purpose. 

5. Create Easter Art 

Your elderly loved one and the grandchildren could paint pictures of Easter bunnies, eggs, bunny ears, and other images that coincide with the holiday, and they could also color Easter-themed coloring books. This is a relaxing activity your loved one can do at his or her own pace, and it is also exciting for children. To make it even more creative, your loved one and the grandkids can create an Easter story with the printed materials or coloring books. This is a great way for your loved one to keep his or her brain active.

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