5 Tips for Seniors Moving into a Smaller Home

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Helping Seniors Move Into a Smaller House in Douglas Co, CO

Moving into a smaller home is a great way for seniors to save money and simplify their lifestyle. As you prepare for your move, use these tips from Douglas County elderly care professionals to ease the process so that you can get off to the right start in your new residence.

1. List Your Loves

The first step toward downsizing is to decide exactly which items you cannot live without. This should be done by considering your daily routine along with the practicality of including each item in your home. Once you’ve identified must-keep items, you can begin sorting the rest into donations and trash.

2. Consider Alternatives

Many of your favorite pieces of furniture can also be downsized to fit a smaller home. For example, you may be able to replace a larger dresser with a smaller lingerie chest if you primarily hang your clothes in the closet. Sofa beds can be used to accommodate guests instead of an extra room, and a smaller chair can still provide a comfortable space to read and enjoy your favorite morning drink.

3. Start with Less Sentimental Areas of Your Home

If the thought of parting with your belongings makes you uneasy, work your way up by starting in a room that has less sentimental value. For example, you may start in your garage. Lawn mowers and other tools likely don’t hold many memories, and they are not necessary if you are moving to a small apartment or a place with lawn maintenance included in an HOA. As you begin to feel the relief of letting go, it will be easier to move on to other rooms.

4. Avoid Trashing

Watching a lifetime of belongings end up in a waste bin can be heartwrenching. Today, most items can be recycled, donated or repurposed for a better use. Seek out organizations within your community to see if they can use your belongings. Knowing that a young family is enjoying meals at your old table can make your move have meaning.

5. Measure and Measure Again

A common mistake that many people make when they downsize is thinking that they can fit their furniture into a smaller space. Take measurements of your new residence, and then measure each piece of furniture that you are considering taking with you. It can also be helpful to draw out a floor plan that uses the correct dimensions. This way, you can avoid having to purge a second time, and instead you can enjoy relaxing in your new space.

If you or a senior loved one could benefit from additional help around the house, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our live-in, hourly, and respite care in Douglas County ensures senior have the support they need to maintain health, happiness, and safety in the comfort of home. Reach out today by calling 720-580-5378 and learn more about our care services.


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