How Caffeine Can Boost Senior Health

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Does Caffeine Prevent Memory Loss in Douglas Co, CO?

For years, caffeine has unfairly carried a bad reputation. That’s slowly changing, thanks to new research exploring key benefits provided by the stimulant. The following are just a few ways seniors can benefit from a cup of joe a day presented by the friendly and experienced caregivers in Douglas County.

Improved memory

Research shows people get the most benefit from caffeine in the afternoon, when adults are at their low point mentally. Caffeine can also improve long-term memory. One study out of Johns Hopkins showed caffeine can help people retain memories at least 24 hours after caffeine had been consumed. 

Greater stamina

Drinking a cup of coffee before exercise can improve stamina. It also speeds recovery and eases muscle pain after a workout. If that sounds too good to be true, take a look at some over-the-counter NSAID pain relievers—caffeine is one of the main ingredients.

Protection Against Alzheimer’s, Cataracts, and Skin Cancer

Studies cited in the Journal of Neuroinflammation show caffeine protects the blood-brain barrier against damage from Alzheimer’s, and people who drank the most coffee seemed to have the most protection. Coffee drinkers are also less likely to develop melanoma, and studies done on rats showed caffeine reduced the formation of cataracts caused by diabetes.

Reduced Risk of Kidney Stones

Though caffeine was once thought to increase kidney stone formation, it actually makes urine more dilute, which means fewer kidney stones–and that’s a blessing for seniors with a history of stones.

While caffeine offers a number of health benefits, seniors should still be mindful about how much they consume. On average, seniors should stick to no more than 300 to 400 milligrams of caffeine a day, about three or four cups of brewed coffee, to avoid caffeine’s downside.

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