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By Jonathan Wells, 6:03 pm on October 20, 2014

A healthy diet is essential at any age, but is extremely important for seniors and older adults. As we age, the body becomes less efficient, and it’s tough to get the nutrition we need. At Douglas County Home Care Assistance, we believe nutrition is a key component to successful and healthy aging and wanted to share five indispensible foods that can help seniors obtain the vitamins and minerals needed for longevity and overall wellness. Eggs – These little powerhouses pack some serious B12, which is one of the body’s most important vitamins. B12 keeps red blood cells healthy, however absorbing the vitamin gets more difficult with age. By incorporating eggs into a daily diet, seniors can boost B12 levels, while also obtaining a handful of other essential vitamins such as…

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By Jonathan Wells, 10:54 pm on October 13, 2014

With age, seniors and older adults are at a higher risk for cardiovascular conditions ranging from high blood pressure and high cholesterol to heart attack and heart disease. While there is no way to guarantee that a senior will not suffer from one of these conditions, there are management strategies and lifestyle change that can be made to significantly reduce risk. Today, Home Care Assistance of Douglas County offers three easy ways to promote a heart healthy senior lifestyle: Kick bad habits, one at a time. Dramatic lifestyle changes are often difficult for seniors and older adults because they require the individual to stop doing something they have likely done for years, if not decades. Seniors looking to obtain a heart healthy lifestyle should try to kick bad habits one…

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By Jonathan Wells, 10:51 pm on October 6, 2014

When an aging parent, grandparent or loved one needs additional help with daily activities, there are many care options available which can range from moving in with family members to relocating to an assisted living facility. However, in recent years, home care has become extremely popular, allowing seniors to receive the high level of care they need and deserve, without having to sacrifice the familiar comforts of home. If you are considering home care in Douglas County for an aging loved one, read over the answers to a few commonly asked questions about home care to help determine if this senior care options is the best choice for your loved one and your family. What is home care? Home care is non-medical care and assistance for seniors in the comfort…

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